Thanks to an invitation from our friends from the Woodward Tigers GTOAA club, some Widetrackers took the opportunity to travel to Portland, Michigan to visit Scott Tiemann’s Supercar Specialties shop. Scott and his team are some of the preeminent Pontiac restorers in the country. Members Wade Clefman, Bob Bolling, Tom Keeley, Dennis Carol and his dad John, caravanned down I-69 to Portland (just west of Lansing), while the Tiger’s motored up from Bob Seller’s dealership to Scott’s place.

While Scott is famous in the Pontiac community for his restoration work, he restores other vehicles besides Pontiacs. Scott is nearing completion of a Chevy Impala big-block convertible. He explained that he had to hand fabricate the rear speaker boxes out of metal since no one reproduces these speaker boxes  and they will be covered up by the convertible top anyway.

Scott showed us a ’70 Plymouth Cuda that is a 440 big-block car (sorry it’s not a Hemi). He explained that he has over 1300 hours into the body work alone on this car. As a means of comparison, most car restorations that Scott does take around 1300 hours total.  So the body was a huge basket case when he got it. Scott is also working on a Plymouth Roadrunner or GTX as well.

A 1st-gen ’69 Firebird convertible was sitting sideways on a rotisserie next to the Cuda. Scott said this car was going to get the Pro-Touring treatment. They had already welded in the larger rear wheel tubs from Detroit Speed & Engineering to allow the use of bigger-than-stock rear tires.  It will be built as a Trans Am tribute car.

Scott had another 1st-gen Firebird coupe that was being built to race in the FAST (Factory Appearing Stock Tires) competition. Many FAST cars are running low 11s and mid-to-high 10s, requiring an NHRA style roll cage. Clearly Scott is building a modern roll cage into this car. As every racer knows, weight kills ETs and speed, so Scott is also taking a lesson from Pontiac’s Swiss Cheese Catalinas by drilling out as many holes as he can though out the car as possible that won’t be seen by the FAST tech inspectors. This car will clearly not be pleasure driven and won’t experience pot holes and such from street driving, so these modifications can be made.

Scott has a pretty rusty Carousel Red ’69 GTO Judge waiting to be restored sitting in front of his shop. A ’64 GTO convertible also sits outside on a rotisserie, with the frame lying next to it. Clearly these pieces still need to be chemically stripped or sandblasted. The Judge is still waiting to be worked on. Clearly new quarter panels are in its future.

We had a couple of other treats while we were there. Speaking of Swiss Cheese Catalinas, a gorgeous ’62 Catalina was there to have a few minor things cleaned up on it (like freshening up the bumpers). This turned out to be one of two Swiss Cheese Catalinas that were sent to Mickey Thompson!!! This car sold for over $482,000.00 in November! This is also reported to be the first Swiss Cheese car built. For whatever reason, Mickey did not race this car; he used it to test high performance parts, so it looks factory new as well!!!

Finally, Scott led us out back to see the most expensive P.O.S. he’s seen yet. It is the missing Stan Ancloer ’63 SD Lemans. If you are not familiar with the story, it was found in a storage facility in Harrison Michigan last fall. The storage facility decided to put this car on eBay as a parts car for $500. It turned out to be 1-of-14 purpose-built Super Duty ’63 Tempest and Lemans cars Pontiac built before GM announced their ban on factory racing. The VIN # was well documented in Pete McCarthy’s book. This car has no motor, transmission, and a steel Tempest front end on it. Stan’s name can still be seen on the roof line. The car sold on eBay for $256,000.00 (as is).

Scott has not started the restoration on this yet. He will once the Impala is completed. The new owner would like the car completed in the fall but Scott is not sure it will be done b then. It is to be restored backed to the way Stan raced it. Scott has a line on a 421 SD engine. The all-aluminum front end on this car is in Florida, but the front clip owner wants about $45k just for those pieces. Scott is planning to have someone build new ones for much less money.  Scott is currently trying to find a well preserved Lemans “parts” car for all those hard to find pieces and trim. Interestingly enough, on the dash is a plaque stating this car once raced at Ubly Dragway.

Finally Scott has two of his own cars in the shop. He re-purchased his old ’67 GTO drag car. He is also doing a meticulous restoration on a ’65 GTO that his parents purchased new. So expect to see this GTO in the magazines in the future too.

Before we knew it, we had been there for over 2.5 hours and it was time to go. We hit the local bar/burger joint just up the road from Scott’s place. After all, that’s what we do best – drive and eat! Thanks again to the Woodward Tigers for extending us this opportunity to see some great and historically significant cars.


Dennis Carol